Ed's musical tribute to September 11, 2001

We have been having a wonderful September so far, with more of Ed's piano pieces in rotation at Outbound Music. And this week, 'Sanctuary' was selected as 'Song of the Week.' A great honor considering the high level of musicianship at Keynotes Internet Radio!  

Our original song 'Children Playing In the Afternoon,' was just featured on the September 9th Woman of Substance Radio Podcast, a reflective song for voice and piano, about losing childhood innocence and growing up. 

This summer has been amazing! We've been practically living at the recording studio (which suits me fine) and more and more new songs are emerging. It's been a very productive songwriting and composing summer, and many of those songs have been documented with more to come. We're heading to Austin, Texas tomorrow for the DIY CD Baby Music Conference, and we're so excited to play music, network, and meetup with new people. And, we've never been to Austin, so it sounds like so much fun! 

   Off to a great start in July- we released a new video, and we're back in the recording studio to do it all again! And we are so excited!!!!

                   Our newest video- Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

"June is busting out all over..." and Ed and I have been enjoying every minute! We just completed a 60's Folk Concert of everyone's favorite songs, at the Flushing Library - June 15th, to be exact:) We were glad to see so many attend! We loved the audience response,  clapping along  and even singing!

And guess what? We now have 100+ subscribers to our Nicodemi Soundtrack You Tube Channel-so we were given our very own URL!!!    Here it is:      http://youtube.com/c/NicodemiSoundtrack    Check out our videos, like and subscribe! It's growing, and we've expanded to 3 playlists! - And if you haven't joined our mailing list here yet...do it now! Then you can be in on the latest info - totally free!

And...our songs Through The Eyes of My Child, Out In The Cold, Tranquility and Northern Cathedral were selected by another cool Internet radio station- here's the link to our Artist Page, which is growing fast!   https://outboundmusic.com/artists/3163

It's May! The flowers are growing, the trees are filled with leaves again, and all of nature is in bloom- and so are we:) We have a brand new song featured on the Women of Substance Mother's Day Podcast Series, called "Your Own Star." It's beautiful. (Go to our music page to hear it!) And new gigs so far for this month include an event performance for a Korean Newspaper Celebration, (photo above) and we'll be back at The Crayon Box preschool doing a Spring extravaganza:) We've been writing and recording lots of new songs both for adults and children, and can't wait to share them with you! Our latest children's animation is adorable and educational too. (Go to our Children's Page to see the video!) Then check out our other pages on this site to find out more about what we've been up to:)  And last but not least- Happy Birthday this month to our grandson Tyler!

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