Ed and I have taught music, both privately and at public schools, for many years. We loved it then, we love it now:)   Sharing what you know energizes and reinforces the knowledge you have. Here are just a few reviews of what we do, as music educators:


   Sari Sharaby, Senior Director of Finance and Operations at Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts, whose daughter Eden studied voice with Carol, says, in  LinkedIn,  June 14, 2018,

"Carol is an exceptionally good teacher. She has a very kind and warm approach as she provides the serious music instruction kids need to learn the art of singing and feel good about their ability. She prepared my daughter for her first singing audition and took the time to explain many nuances to her. She even recorded a mini lesson recap so that my daughter can practice between lessons!"


    Cindy Lish, Life Empowerment Coach/Career Consultant/Motivational Speaker, said this of Carol in LinkedIn, June 14, 2018, with regard to her daughter, Jessica's private instruction:

"I had the privilege of experiencing Carol as a piano instructor for my daughter. She is talented, patient, and exceptionally encouraging. As an educator, Carol recognizes that children learn best when they have input into their education. Carol allowed my daughter to select musical pieces of her choice, which dramatically increased her progress as well as desire to practice. Carol truly cares about the student as a person, not just as a musician, and her warmth and motherly nature shine through in everything she does. I highly recommend Carol as a music teacher.


    Anna Recchia, District Sales Coordinator, who worked alongside Carol at her school, in the same group, said this in LinkedIn, on March 2, 2014:

   Carol was such an amazing music teacher at my school. The children and faculty loved her positive energy and free spirit. she took responsibility of rehearsing with the grades who were graduating and teaching them to sing proudly on stage and her year round teaching in the classroom, she taught the fundamentals of music.