Quiet Mind- Album

Edmond Paul Nicodemi

2015/Theo Jack Music

54 minutes

Quiet Mind is a compilation album of fifteen tracks from Edmond Paul Nicodemi's first three albums. Old Simple Times (2002), Parallel Solitudes (2004) and Tranquility (2010). As the title of the album suggests, the concept was to create a relaxing, meditative album and that goal was certainly achieved with both grace and ease! An accomplished guitarist as well as pianist, composer and songwriter, Ed Nicodemi has released a variety of albums and singles, some that are solo and some with his wife, singer/songwriter Carol Nicodemi. The music on Quiet Mind is a combination of piano solos with (synth) strings and all fifteen are original compositions, some of which were retitled for this album. Trained in both classical and jazz, Nicodemi's music is about expressing human emotions and experiences rather than dazzling showmanhip at the piano. 

Quiet Mind begins with ''Late Summer,'' which was also the opening track on Nicodemi's first album. Piano and strings express a feeling of inner warmth and relaxation-much like a daydream, with no deadlines or to-do lists to interrupt the bliss. "Tranquility" expresses a similar feeling, but this one is solo piano and is more like a quiet walk in the woods with birds singing and sunlight drifting down through the trees. "The Other Side of the Rainbow" is supposed to be a place where the sun always shines and life is always easy and good, and this musical depiction is just that. "Lullaby for Melody" expresses the sweetness and innocence of a child on her way to Dreamland. Simple but heartfelt, it's a favorite! The title track is a very peaceful and serene piano solo that feels much like those rare moments when nothing is tugging for your attention and you can just 'be' for a bit. "Northern Cathedral" expresses a different kind of stillness and majesty with piano enhanced with string washes, and could easily fit into a film soundtrack. My two favorite pieces on the album are back-to-back - "Blissful Solitude: (co-composed with Carol Nicodemi) and "Images of the Seine."  "Blissful Solitude" is very calming and peaceful with its repeating left hand pattern and simple, heartfelt melody. "Images of the Seine" is somewhat darker, but still very soothing. It makes me think of the sun going down and creating bright sparkles on the water- magical! "Sunset" also beautifully describes the amazing display of colors as the sun goes down and the world slows to prepare for the night. I'm not sure what "Return to Zero" means specifically, but the piece with that title is poignant and haunting with piano, strings, and subtle charal voices in some passages. The album comes to a close with "Santuary" a gorgeous, welcoming piano solo that suggests a place of refuge, safety and peace.

Quiet Mind is not a new album, but if it is new to you, as it was to me, be sure to check it out! It is available from https://edandcarolnicodemi.com/store, Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites such as Spotify. 


Kathy Parsons

MainlyPiano. com


Tempest - Single

Edmond Paul Nicodemi

2022/ Edmond Paul Nicodemi

5 minutes

"Tempest" is a solo piano single composed by Edmond Paul Nicodemi and performed by Adam Ali. The piece features a rapidly swirling broken chord pattern throughout that gives it a very turbulent effect. Both hands are in constant motion, but the tempo and intensity of the melody itself varies from fairly slow to very lively and is sometimes expressed in single notes and sometimes in chords. Near the end of the piece, it starts to quiet and slow a bit, fading out gradually to stop for a few seconds before returning with less intensity, continuing to calm to the end. It's a very impressive and showy piece from beginning to end and fits right in with the winter weather we're experiencing right now!

"Tempest is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites such as Spotify.

Kathy Parsons

Mainly Piano.com


The Sound of Farewell- Single

Edmond Paul Nicodemi

2022/Edmond Paul Nicodemi

4 minutes

Review by Kathy Parsons

"The Sound of Farewell" is a very beautiful and poignant solo piano single composed by pianist/guitarist Edmond Paul Nicodemi and performed by Adam Ali. Heartbreak seems to flow from every note, as does a feeling of solitude. The piece is not flashy or complicated, relying on expression and sincerity to communicate deep emotion to the listener. The melody is mostly single notes supported by a simple but very effective broken chord accompaniment, demonstrating that less really can be more when the expression behind it is open and honest. 

"The Sound of Farewell" is available from Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes as well as many streaming sites including Spotify. It's a beauty!

July 1, 2022

Chasing Sunrise- Single

Edmond Paul Nicodemi

2022/Edmond Paul Nicodemi

3 minutes

Review by Kathy Parsons

"Chasing Sunrise" is a beautiful solo piano single by pianist/composer/guitarist Edmond Paul Nicodemi. Composed by Nicodemi and performed by Adam Ali, the piece begins softly and simply, becoming brighter and somewhat more complex as it unfolds. The theme and variations form works really well for this piece with a repeated theme that changes slightly with each variation and then fades out at the end. Warmly optimistic yet gentle and peaceful, it would be a lovely piece to wake up to!

"Chasing Sunrise" is available from Amazon, Apple Music iTunes and streaming sites such as Spotify. Give your ears a treat! 

May 14, 2022




Make a Happy Face EP 

Carol Niocdemi

2021 /Carol Nicodemi

19 minutes

5.0 out of 5 stars.  The "Make a Happy Face" EP is a collection of eight original children's songs composed and performed by Carol Nicodemi with instrumental accompaniment by Ed Nicodemi playing an amazing variety of instruments including guitar, flute, piano, theremin and percussion. Additional vocals are provided by Elyse and Melody Orecchio, Carol and Ed's daughter and granddaughter, making it truly a family project! The title song and "Dance All Over the Map" were released as singles earlier this year and both are a delight, as is this entire upbeat, fun and positive album. Carol and Ed have released albums together and separately and often perform as a folk and jazz duo. Carol is known primarily as a singer/songwriter, and much of Ed's solo work is piano and/or guitar.

Make a Happy Face begins with "Dance All Over the Map, a buoyant song about a child who is having trouble concentrating in class because his/her imagination is taking him/her all over the world, dancing to the music and rhythms that are bursting from within his/her own head. "My feet gotta move,  my hands gotta clap, my fingers keep snappin' , my toes wanna tap-gonna dance all over the map." "Do Like the Animals Do" is a cute little song sung by Elyse and Carol about imitating the sounds and movements of various animals and making yourself happy at the same time. The title song features Carol singing and playing kazoo with additional vocals by Elyse and Melody along with Ed's recording debut on a toy piano. This carefree little song should do it for anyone needing a little bit of musical sunshine in their day/week/month, etc. "Turn around your frown, turn it upside down." Who can stay grumpy with words like that? "I Love to Dance Ballet" is a sweet ballad about a little girl who, well, the title gives it away! Sung by Elyse, it also features piano and cello. Who doesn't need to be reminded that "It's Ok to Make Mistakes"? A mother/daughter duet with a jaunty beat, this is a handy song that offers reassurance to a tearful child. "I Make Funny Faces For My Grandpa: is sung by Melody, accompanied by Grandpa on guitar, xylophone and percussion- really cute!  "We're Twins" is a happy ode to having someone who looks just like you do. "Storyland" ends the album with a fanciful song about how fairy tales,  nursery rhymes and other stories can feed a child's imagination, allowing him or her to envision a world of make-believe much better than simply sitting in front of a television set or computer screen.  

Even though Make a Happy Face is intended as a children's album, the warmth and optimism are infectious and can give the day a real lift. In that regard, I can easily recommend it to "children of all ages" who could use a dose of musical sunshine. The album (and its singles) are available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify and other sites. It's a charmer!

Kathy Parsons

Mainly Piano.com