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Take a trip back through time with us, to the 60's, in this all-original mostly folk cd. We sprinkled it with a drop of Celtic, a touch of Americana, and a taste of the Island. We had a great time recording this, adding all kinds of cool instrumentation, and we're proud of the way it came out.

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Here's To The Night

Ed and Carol Nicodemi

Grab a glass of wine and hold your special someone close. A combination of jazzy, sultry vocals and 7-string guitar makes these song standards familiar again, sprinkled with an array of original material. Share the music with the one you love. "Here's To The Night"

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It Goes This Way

Carol Nicodemi

Now you can share original, quality children's songs with the little ones in your life:) Go to our "Children's Page" to hear samples of the songs on this CD!

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Edmond Paul Nicodemi

Original piano music to soothe you in a new age/ambient style. Also included are several lilting vocal and piano selections to keep you in that wondrous state of mind.

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