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March/April 2022

Make a Happy Face is selling!!! It's already in public library circulation in Queens, NY, Long Island, Westchester and starting to be purchased in some libraries in New Jersey. I just received my first check for those sales a few days ago- Very exciting!  I will keep calling libraries to promote this and our other children's CD, because I truly believe young children will love it and learn from it! And by the way, we've been to the recording studio, and we're in progress with Children's Album number three:) We'll keep you posted. Also just recorded- our latest song for Mother's day:) 

And...just in- go to our Children's Page to check out our latest animation- Storyland!

January/February 2022

Our new We're Twins animation is up on the Children's Page. We think it's super-cute:) We have songs airing on the Valentine's Themed Podcast of the Women of Substance Radio all through February:)

November/December 2021:

I wrote a brand-new Disheveled Snowman Memories song to go with part 2 of the book by Carleen Thissen. It will be featured in December on two Radio Podcast shows! The Holiday Themed Women of Substance Podcast Series, featuring a total of 7 of our songs- and also on the Radio-Active Kids Saturday Morning online podcast for kids. 

My brand new fun and educational Make a Happy Face CD is released, under new distribution, and available online! The public libraries are starting to order them for their children's rooms, and the CD has already received many 5-star reviews! It's here in the Store for purchase- get 1 (or more, I will discount them,) for the holidays. That special little child will thank you:)



Our songs Missing You at Christmas and Here's To The Night made the SEMI-FINALS in the UK Songwriting Contest!



Exciting things are happening, hard to keep up. But I'm gonna try:)

To start with- physical copies of our 'Make a Happy Face' album are in the works- you heard it here first! I created a beautiful 3-page graphic arts design for our second children's CD. Very proud of it.  So, if you're the kind of person who needs to hold a product in your hand, to give to a small child, or you just can't deal with today's technology...this will be perfect for you. As soon as they are delivered to me, I will put them up for sale in the Store. Meanwhile, the digital copies are there if you can't wait. Or get them both:) First 10 physical copies sold get 20% off the album price. AND...I will personally sign it and write a short message to you or your child(ren) before I send it to you!

5 of our "grownup songs' were selected for 'Music With a Conscience,' a Women of Substance podcast series confronting many important issues today. The schedule is up under SHOWS. Check it out. The first show is August 30th:)



July 2021:

Whoo-hoo! I just pressed "Submit for Distribution" on my new children's CD! It's super exciting! Make a Happy Face, the album, will be available for pre-sale on July 21st, and the actual release date is July 31st. It includes the 2 new singles, plus a bunch of other really great songs:) The songs were just this past Saturday featured on Radio Active Kids. You can still hear the show, even if you missed it Live. Go to Radio Active Kids online:


This has been a wild month- both Ed and I each released our newest singles- and all 4 of  the singles thus far have been professionally reviewed and are available to be seen on our 'Reviews' page:) The new songs and reviews are on Amazon, available for purchase, for 99cents each, if you'd like to support what we do.   

On June 9th, we performed on Twinkle Time LIVE ONLINE, and we sang our two children's releases. It went really well, with people in the chat saying she should take us on tour with her, and they kept calling us "The Nicodemi's"  lol   Probably too late to change our professional name, right? 

I did a few home videos for my own YouTube channel, under Carol Nicodemi,  for the patriotic holidays, and put them up on Facebook as well:)

We put our folksong 'Let a Flower Grow,' from our Windows CD, up on Facebook, in honor of World Environment Day. 

We plan to put up our folk-country song, 'Through the Eyes of My Child,' demoed by Cliff Goldmacher and Matt Koziol, dedicated to new father's who have had a baby girl, on the socials. 

So Happy Father's Day this coming weekend!

May 2021:

Hope you had a great Mother's Day! Here's what else is happening. And we wanted you to be the first to know!

Singles number two for each of us are in motion! I have a and Hear.Now ad, which will soon be all over the Social Media sites. My new children's song is "Make a Happy Face," with release date set for June 1st- and it's really fun! If you have children or are a child at heart, like I am- you will love it! All kinds of instruments, sound effects...Elyse and Melody are both singing on it with me, too:) That's the title track to our upcoming CD- more on that later...

Ed's new piano instrumental 'Desolation,' is beautiful... and yes, it's amazing how our music runs the gamut of emotions. But that's called being human, right? His new single will be released as of June 10th, which also happens to be our granddaughter Melody's birthday:)

Oh, and our animation of  Dance All Over the Map is done! SO cute!  It's here on our Children's page-go see:)


Happy Mother's Day! Our Mother's Day songs now have their OWN PAGE, under MUSIC- right here on the website:) Only you subscribers can access them at this time, and I included two photos with my children. For those of you who don't do social media, it will be extra special:)

The songs are each being released separately as part of a popular Mother's Day Podcast, so check out SHOWS for that info. Or go on Facebook, I'm doing lots of promo there. 

"A Mother's Love was included in a Celebrating Mother's Day Series 2021 (Bree Noble) Spotify Playlist! 

But that song is here for you free! The other Mother's Day songs are 'set your own price' but that starts at zero.. So you have an opportunity to have them at whatever price you pick. (Yes, if you put $0.00 you can still have them free. Up to you... Of course, if you feel generous we won't turn it away WINK WINK :)