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May 2021:

Hope you had a great Mother's Day! Here's what else is happening. And we wanted you to be the first to know!

Singles number two for each of us are in motion! I have a and Hear.Now ad, which will soon be all over the Social Media sites. My new children's song is "Make a Happy Face," with release date set for June 1st- and it's really fun! If you have children or are a child at heart, like I am- you will love it! All kinds of instruments, sound effects...Elyse and Melody are both singing on it with me, too:) That's the title track to our upcoming CD- more on that later...

Ed's new piano instrumental 'Desolation,' is beautiful... and yes, it's amazing how our music runs the gamut of emotions. But that's called being human, right? His new single will be released as of June 10th, which also happens to be our granddaughter Melody's birthday:)

Oh, and our animation of  Dance All Over the Map is done! SO cute!  It's here on our Children's page-go see:)


Happy Mother's Day! Our Mother's Day songs now have their OWN PAGE, under MUSIC- right here on the website:) Only you subscribers can access them at this time, and I included two photos with my children. For those of you who don't do social media, it will be extra special:)

The songs are each being released separately as part of a popular Mother's Day Podcast, so check out SHOWS for that info. Or go on Facebook, I'm doing lots of promo there. 

"A Mother's Love was included in a Celebrating Mother's Day Series 2021 (Bree Noble) Spotify Playlist! 

But that song is here for you free! The other Mother's Day songs are 'set your own price' but that starts at zero.. So you have an opportunity to have them at whatever price you pick. (Yes, if you put $0.00 you can still have them free. Up to you... Of course, if you feel generous we won't turn it away WINK WINK :)

April 2021:

I don't know where to start.

First of all, there are not 1, but 2 singles about to be released. My latest children's single, called Dance All Over the Map, and Ed's piano and cello instrumental single, Sad Reflections. Because you are in the family, so to speak:) you will have access to them first. 

On April 24th, my Children's single will be all over social media. Before that happens, let me know- at my email address: and I will personally send you a free download. Just for being here. 

May 1st is Ed's single release. It will be a beautiful piano and cello instrumental called Sad Reflections.  Again- say the word, and you can have it before it goes on social media. Free. 


If you want to hear the interview, go to The Engaging Voice . com

If you want to hear the interview, go to The Engaging Voice . com

March 2021:

We're continuing to get picked up by Spotify playlists, for both children's and grownup music:) 

And I am releasing a BRAND NEW children's single on my birthday next month! It's so much fun, and meaningful, too:) Always grateful for your support. There's a pre-save link on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, if you would like to be notified when it's out for sale. (Or let me know, and I'll send it to you personally:)

Ed is releasing a single of his own, a beautiful new piano piece. 

February 2021:

We released a new Valentine's Day video! You should definitely check it out; it's on our Media page!  We had a bunch of songs on Valentine's Day podcasts, and all is well:)

January 2021:

Happy New Year! We've been earning royalties from some of our songs and instrumentals through ASCAP, and getting small checks from CD Baby each month. That feels great.  We got a 2020 wrap up from YouTube, and it was thrilling to see the progress our channel has made this year! More views, more subscribers. Also this month, I was interviewed as a guest by Tara Brueske, incredible singer, pianist, musician and teacher-who produces a podcast called "The Engaging Voice." I spoke about my experiences teaching children singing. So much fun:)